Presentation types

Paper Presentations

Include empirical studies in a given CALL environment, theoretical discussion of an issue relevant to the field of CALL, evaluative studies of courseware in use, discussion of policies or strategies at an institutional, regional, or national level or assessment of potential of technological advances in the delivery of language learning materials.

Length: 30 minutes presentation + 10 minutes questions

Show & Tell Presentations

Descriptions of a given language learning environment, piece of software, courseware or a practical application still in the developmental stage. There is less expectation regarding evaluation or research issues associated with the environment than in a paper presentation.

Length: 30 minutes presentation + 10 minutes questions

Workshop Presentations

Include practical demonstrations on how to use various tools or ideas for CALL-based language learning environments. They may include commercially or freely available tools, or in some cases individually developed materials provided there is the possibility of participants either using the tools demonstrated or developing similar tools for their own language learning environments.

Length: 90 minutes

Poster Presentations

For describing a work in progress, a theory in development, or a new process or idea, although submissions beyond this scope are also welcome.