Train Access


The directions below pick up where the directions on the website leave off:

The numbers correspond to the filenames of the photos.

01: Leave Kyusandai-mae station from this exit.
02: This is where you will exit the station.
03: After exiting the station, walk in the direction of the post office.
04: After you cross a set of train tracks, you will see the entrance to the university on your right. Go down to the end of the white brick walkway.
05: At the end of the white brick walkway, turn left and walk in the direction of the clock tower.
06: If you get lost, look at this sign. You destination is Building 1(1号館).
07: Go past the clock tower and keep walking across campus until you get to Building 2.
08: Building 2(2号館)has a large staircase going up to the right. You can either take these stairs or enter Building 2 and take the elevator to the 5th floor.
09: Here are the stairs. You need to go all the way up.
10: Once you reach the top of the stairs, you will see Building 1(1号館)on your left.
11: Enter Building 1 here.